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Vacation Update - Cursed by S J Harper

Cursed - S.J. Harper Never Desire a Duke - Lily Dalton

My vacation is underway!  After a rough day Friday (we didn't get to check in to our hotel until close to 2 am, and I was up at 4:30 that morning!), we are settled in and having fun at the Grand National Morgan Horse Show. 


I was able to finish Never Desire a Duke, which I enjoyed very much.  I liked the marriage in trouble trope, and it's also a coming of age story, if you will.  The protagonists both had a lot of growing up to do to make their own happiness, and I thought it was well written, too.


I started Cursed, and oh my!  This is a great book so far.  I love the protagonist, and the prose is immediate and snappy.  Hard to put this down

Vacation Reading List

Sidelined (Entangled Teen) - Kendra C. Highley Cursed - S.J. Harper Made of Stars - Kelley York Waking Up Dead - Emma Shortt Tempting the Cowboy: A Paint River Ranch Book (Entangled Indulgence) - Elizabeth Otto One Thousand and One Nights - Ruth Browne Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn

This is my vacation reading list, or look at me overestimating how much time I will actually have to read while on vacation!  Eep!  Hopefully I can get through at least a few of them!


Status Update - Never Desire a Duke

Never Desire a Duke - Lily Dalton

I started reading Never Desire a Duke Sunday evening.  It is a marriage in trouble story, set in Regency England.  I am really enjoying it so far.  If I wasn't frantically packing and getting ready for my vacation next week, I would have finished it by now.  Plus, the weather has been beautiful, so the puppers had to go on walkies - we have been exploring the local parks :)


What are you reading?

Weekend Reading Plans

Wish Upon a Star (Entangled Ever After) - Michelle McLean Open Flame - Lacy Danes Bleach: v. 3 - Tite Kubo Never Desire a Duke - Lily Dalton Haunted Chemistry - Lindsey R. Loucks Ruby Hill - Sarah Ballance Mercy - Jan Coffey

It's Friday, and I'm looking forward to a weekend of reading.  Here are some books I want to check off my TBR list:


Wish Upon A Star:

There be ZOMBIES!  Sometimes, that's all there has to be to prompt me to pick up and read a book.  With Halloween fast approaching, I see a lot of zombies in my future.


Open Flame - This is for a blog tour


Bleach 3 - because it's awesome


Never Desire a Duke - just 'cause


Haunted Chemistry, Ruby Hill, Mercy - 'Tis the season


What's on your list for the weekend?

Stauts Update - REAL by Katy Evans

Real  - Katy Evans

Like Brooke, I am a tangle of emotions thinking about my reading experience.  The number of times clench, lick, bite, and grip were used drove me batty.  The relationship dynamics were fascinating, though, and I was very curious to see how Remy and Brooke worked through their many issues.  Remy is a character that I don't feel that I have read about before; he has huge obstacles to overcome, and there will never be a HEA without a few fiery crashes along the way for him.  Brooke made many poor decisions that fed into Remy's flaw (if you want to call it that), causing negative consequences for him.  The final fight between Remy and Scorpion was INTENSE, and completely changed how I felt about the book.  Just. WOW.  I'm curious to see what happens next, but I need a break for the narrative style.


3.5 stars 

Currently Reading - REAL - Update

Real  - Katy Evans

I'm not sure what to think about REAL.  I love the intensity of the prose, but I am getting tired of the continued clenching, gripping, and dripping.  I wish that Brooke and Remy would engage in a conversation, instead of trading iPod songs back and forth and nipping, licking, biting their facial features.  That is starting to get repetitive. At least it is making for a quick read.

Currently Reading - REAL

Real  - Katy Evans

Okay, this is kind of a fluffy, brainless read, but I don't know if I am enjoying it or not. I do know I wish that Brooke's insides would stop clenching.  All the time with the clenching.  Every time she sees or even thinks about Remy - CLENCH. Maybe she needs to see a doctor or something.


26% mark

And the wheels keep turning - I think

Almost over?


I started importing my GoodReads data on Tuesday.  It still has 14 hours to go.  This process is like watching paint dry.

Words Once Spoken Review

Words Once Spoken - Carly Drake


I have one major gripe about Words Once Spoken.  The story doesn’t really end, it just kind of runs out of pages.  This is the first in a planned series, and after some kickass action and an engaging journey, everything just trailed off into nothing.  I thought the ending was weak, and it didn’t fit with the rest of the story.  I am hopeful that the next book will make up for my disappointment with yet another non-ending.  There is a reason that I have been waiting to start series until they are all done, and this is an example of why. 


Evelyn has never fit in with her mother’s expectations.  Instead of desiring the life of a pampered noble, she much prefers the outdoors to being shut up inside stuffy buildings.  She is skilled with a bow and arrow, and rides like she was born on horseback.  She suffers severe stomach upsets when she eats meat and so eats only plant-life.   Just before is eighteenth birthday, her mom insists that she accompany her parents to meet the king and queen.  Her mother would like nothing better than for Evelyn to be appointed one of the princess’s handmaidens, though it would be a nightmare come true for Evelyn.  Once at the castle, she meets the handsome Lord Devon, as well as the charming young prince, and she quickly learns that nothing is what it seems, including herself and everything she thought she knew about herself.


Read full review here


Midnight Secretary Volume 1 Review

Midnight Secretary, Vol. 1 - Tomu Ohmi


Midnight Secretary is a very fun, fluffy read.  I wasn’t expecting much from it, and I wasn’t really in the mood for it, so I kept shuffling it from the top of my reading pile, and now I’m sorry I did.  Once I got it in my hands, the cover kind of turned me off.  I don’t find it appealing at all, so here is another instance where I misjudged the book by it’s cover.


Kaya takes pride in her job, and she wants to be the best executive secretary possible so she can get a great job, and so her mom won’t have to work so hard.  After her father died, her mother got a job at Tohma Corporation, and she worked hard to put Kaya through school.  She even helped get her a job at Tohma, and now that Kaya is getting her big break, she’s going to make her mother proud.  The big break turns out to be a mixed blessing.  She’s assigned to be Kyohei Tohma’s secretary.  Kyohei is the younger son of the senior director, and he’s a jerk.  He is a demanding boss, who works long hours, and his exacting expectations have caused countless secretaries to quit.  Kaya is determined to succeed, though, but his dismissive attitude is hard to deal with.


Read the rest here:

Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy, Vol. 1 - Maki Minami 2.5 to 3 stars

Meh - the story failed to hold my interest. The art is cute and so is Kino, but the story isn't very compelling and failed to engage me.

Full review soon
Words Once Spoken - Carly Drake Read review here -
Midnight Secretary, Vol. 01 - Tomu Ohmi 4.5 stars

fun, fluffy read.

see my review here
Bleach Volume 01: The Death and The Strawberry - Tite Kubo 4.5 stars

I'm feeling a little under the weather, today, so I took this opportunity to partake in some comfort reading. Bleach is a fast-paced and fun read with wonderful protagonists. I am going to try to catch up to the current volume over the next few months - hope I can do it!

Full review here
Love Lost and Found: A Love on Deck Book - Michele de Winton The amnesia trope is not my favorite, and I wish Rick hasn't spent most of the book being dishonest about his original intentions for tracking down Felicity.

Full review here
The Outside (The Hallowed Ones, #2) - Laura Bickle Full Review Here

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