WIFE FOR A WEEK (Harlequin Presents the Eligible Bachelors)

WIFE FOR A WEEK (Harlequin Presents the Eligible Bachelors) - Kelly Hunter This has been languishing on my Kindle for a while, and I totally forgot that I purchased it. I rediscovered it while browsing through my Kindle library, and thinking that there is no time like the present, I downloaded it and promptly began reading it. I was in mood for something quick and relatively light, and this fit the bill nicely.

First off, the plot was delightfully ridiculous. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so I’ll just mention the most obvious reason; Hallie Bennett agrees to pretend to be Nick’s wife on a week-long trip to Hong Kong. Okay, the fake wife / fake fiancée trope is not my favorite, but it worked well enough here. Mainly because of Hunter’s witty dialog and the secondary plot. Once they arrive in Hong Kong, mysterious things start to happen, and it soon becomes evident that someone is out to get Nick. Poor guy! What could a software developer have done to earn so much malice??

Nick needed a fake wife because the daughter of a financial backer tried to seduce him, and in order to avoid any further attempts, he makes up a wife. When he’s invited back to the home of his business partner, it’s assumed that his wife will be traveling with him, to enjoy the Chinese New Year’s festivities. When Nick and his mother storm into the shoe shop Hallie is working at, things get out of hand, thanks to Nick’s mom, and before she knows it, Hallie has a contract for enough money to pay for her degree and a ticket to Hong Kong. Money? International travel? A new fancy wardrobe? Sure, count me in!

Of course the sparks flair, and Nick’s brilliant idea of sleeping on the sofa in the guest room goes up in flames, mainly because the sofa is MIA. No problem! A Great Wall of Pillows will keep any invaders on their own side of the bed. Maybe??

A Wife for a Week is typical of the author. Loads of banter, comical situations for our protagonists, and hot smexy times. This is a fun read, with a likable cast of characters, and an exotic setting. I breezed right though this one, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Grade: 4 stars