Magic Strikes

Magic Strikes  - Ilona Andrews 4.25 - 4 stars

While I am beating myself up for not reading the Kate Daniels books previously, this series is exactly what I need at this time in my life. They are fun, with tons of action, and an undeniable chemistry between Curran and Kate. Reality just kind of fades into the background when I read anything by the writing duo that make up Ilona Andrews, and I celebrate the backlist I have yet to explore. Between Kate Daniels and the newly discovered Cat and Bones by Jeaniene Frost, I am ready for a binge on tough, kick ass heroines, and lethal, deadly heroes.

While I didn’t think the plot of Magic Strikes was a deep as in the previous two books, the action more than made up for it. Kate finds herself on the opposite side of Pack law, helping Jim uncover a conspiracy to weaken the Pack. With Derek badly wounded and near death, Kate is willing to do anything to keep him alive – even lie to Curran about her intentions and the whereabouts of Jim and his small band of rogue shifters.

Oh, my, oh, my! I love Kate. She is so unflappable. Hardly anything gives her pause. Huge stone troll dude in a gladiatorial arena? No big deal. Facing off against a guys who wear the stolen skins of humans, and rip them off in a show of brutality? Bring it! Seeing her friend Derek beaten to a literal pulp and left to die of silver poisoning and cursed to not use his healing magic? Will. Painfully. Kill. Them. All.

I was getting a little antsy because Curran doesn’t have but a supporting role until after the 50% mark, but then – Oh, MY! He is like the perfect companion for Kate, but half of the time she’s too busy trying to annoy the snot out of him that she doesn’t even notice. And then – ZING! Maybe she’s not as indifferent to his courtship as she’d like to think. I love that the emphasis is on building a relationship between the two of them, instead of just having them fall into bed together.

I am hooked on this series. It hasn’t replaced the Hidden Legacy series as my favorite Andrews’ series yet, and because I like Mad Rogan, Nevada, and the world building so much, it will take a lot to knock it out of the top spot. Though with three times as many volumes, I think Kate Daniels has a legit shot at reigning supreme in the end.