At Grave's End

At Grave's End  - Jeaniene Frost 3.75 stars

These books are like crack. Addictive, impossible to put down, they make reality fade into the distance. Both Cat and Bones are fun characters, if you can call lethal murderers fun. I wouldn’t want to invite them over for dinner, because chaos, blood, and death seems to follow them everywhere.

This installment of the series has Bones and Cat fighting off Cleopatra’s daughter. Patra, an impossibly old vampire, is out for revenge, and unfortunately for Cat and Bones, they are her chosen targets. Patra’s sire is Mencheres, and to the dismay of our intrepid couple, she is also Mencheres’ estranged wife. Part of Patra’s plot to get back at Mencheres was sleeping with Bones long ago, which should have caused the older vampire to rip Bones’ head from his shoulders. Knowing that his wife is a psychotic nutso, he chose to turn the other cheek, which infuriated Patra and allowed her to use all of her rage to dream up a particularly nasty plot to get back at him – by using both Cat and Bones as her hapless victims.

The plot doesn’t get any deeper than that, but hey! the fight scenes and the struggles to escape death are so much fun. Cat doesn’t sit around waiting for Bones to save her. No way! She dives right into dangerous situations, her knives, guns, or silver heeled stilettos blazing. If pressed, I have to admit that these books are ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing. I haven’t really been on the vampire band wagon before, but heck, count me on it now. Bones is deadly, powerful, and charming. Cat, a half-vampire, is just as deadly, powerful, and a complete smart-ass. The Night Huntress series is completely engaging, action-packed, and a guaranteed good time.