Black Clover, Vol. 9

Black Clover, Vol. 9 - Yuki Tabata 3.75 stars

After all of the magic slinging and sword swinging and fisticuffs at the Underwater Temple, the Black Bulls finally get a little bit of down time. Asta hasn’t come through the battle with Vetto unscathed, and he is nursing not one, but two broken arms. He seems to have taken the brunt of the beating, but he’s still gungho and rearing to go on another mission.

Yami reluctantly allows his injured brigade member to accompany him to see Julius and give a mission report. During the debriefing, they are rudely interrupted with news that Kiten has been attacked by the Diamond Kingdom. And not just any soldiers are leading the skirmish, but three of the Diamond Kingdom’s Shining Generals are leading the charge. This is serious stuff! If the Diamond Kingdom is successful in their attempt to grab a toehold into Kiten, Clover’s border defense system will be in serious jeopardy!

We get a little bit of info about the Shining Generals, learn about Finral’s stuck-up and snot-faced younger brother, and finally – FINALLY – meet up with Yuno again. Hooray!! Don’t think that Yuno has been slacking off, either, just because he hasn’t had much page time. He’s been honing his magic skills and been learning how to utilize his little winged companion’s powers. He’s even more bad ass than he was before!

Volume 9 is a nice reprieve from all of the incessant action of the previous three volumes. Yuno and Asta reaffirm their challenge to do their personal best and become the next Wizard King, Finral stands up to his awful brother, and Charmy gets a yummy snack. The big downer, and the lead up to the next story arc, is Asta and the apparent curse he’s under. Will his anti-magic grimoire be able to help him shake it off?

Grade: 3.75 stars