Lake Silence

Lake Silence - Anne Bishop 4.75 stars

I loved The Others, and when I saw that Anne Bishop was continuing the series with new characters, I was beyond excited. When I started reading Lake Silence, I was a little put off that Vickie’s chapters are 1st person POV,and everyone else is 3rd POV, but I quickly got over that. She is an emotionally wounded character, the 1st person POV let me empathize with her and her painful past. Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down, and when I finished, I was bummed out. I did not want it to end, and I have come to like the citizens of Sproing and the Jumble, both human and Other. I wanted more!

The book starts out like all of Anne Bishop’s Others books – slowly, methodically introducing the new characters and fleshing out their backgrounds. Vickie is the victim of spousal abuse, and the rundown Jumble is part of her divorce settlement. Grimshaw is a cop sadly lacking in people skills. Julian, owner of Sproing’s bookstore, is an Inuit and an ex-cop who was almost murdered on the beat – but he was saved by one of the Others. Ilya is a vampire who wants to see the Jumble restored and made into an outpost for the Others again.

Vickie’s trouble begin with an eyeball, a wave cooker, and murdered man. Thanks to Grimshaw’s timely appearance to investigate the murder, Vickie isn’t completely at the mercy of the bad guys. And the bad guys here are bad. Selfish, mean-spirited, willing to sacrifice their own family to get ahead in the world. The thing I love best about this series is that the horrid, evil villains always get their comeuppance. After trying to screw over the Others, they learn the error of their ways, far too late, when the Elders take umbrage with their behavior. In the real world, where victories by the good guys seem fewer and farther between, it’s reassuring to know that evil does not triumph in these books.

If you enjoyed the previous Others books, you will enjoy Lake Silence. If you haven’t read the first series, this is a good jumping on point, as it is mostly a stand-alone. I loved this book and I’m counting down the days until the next book.

Grade: 4.75 stars