Black Clover, Vol. 7

Black Clover, Vol. 7 - Yuki Tabata After the battle with Licht, Julius Novachrono, the Wizard King, asks for Asta’s help. The members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun that were captured earlier in the series are proving notoriously tight-lipped, due to a spell that’s protecting their memories. Julius wants Asta to break the spell with his anti-magic sword. It is soon revealed that there are traitors among the Magic Knights, so the Black Bulls are dispatched to collect a magic stone before anyone else can get their hands on it. Problem? It’s in a temple that’s located on the ocean floor, and some wicked powerful magic prevents anyone from entering. Can the Black Bulls combine their powers and make the journey to the temple?

Of course they can! Everything depends on Noelle mastering her Sea Dragon’s Cradle spell, which seems like a long shot, but she and Asta determinedly train together to get this mission accomplished. Just when it seems hopeless, and that our heroes are more likely to die than arrive unscathed at the temple, some mushy good feelings reassure Noelle that she’s not alone and friendless anymore. She is scared of her magic, and has been consistently holding back when using it, so I am curious to see just how powerful she is when she finally lets go. And with the dysfunctional Black Bulls as her new family, who needs enemies? They are still an improvement on her blood siblings, who are just too awful for words.

Once they arrive at the temple, they are greeted by the high priest. In typical shonen manga style, he wagers the magic stone on a game. If the Black Bulls can defeat his priests, he’ll relinquish possession to Yami. If they lose – I don’t wanna know what happens if they lose, because he’s kind of an perverted old fart. Besides, with Asta’s determination and everyone else’s dumb luck, what can go wrong? Haha.

Black Clover continues to entertain me, though it is far from groundbreaking. I really like Asta’s character, and Yami is likeable, too, though I certainly wouldn’t want to depend on him or any of the other Black Bulls (besides Asta). This is one chaotic group of misfits. How they even managed to get any minus stars is a mystery to me. They’d just as soon hang out at the bar, hit a buffet, or sleep than do anything even remotely heroic. And Gauche and his sister complex is just gross. Ick.

Grade: 3.75 – 4 stars