Black Clover, Vol. 6

Black Clover, Vol. 6 - Yuki Tabata The battle with Sally rages on! Just when Asta’s about to get smooshed, Gauche arrives to save the day! Sort of. Well, not really. Marie shamed Gauche into returning to save Asta, Theresa, and the other kids from the orphanage. I guess the deed is what counts, and not the selfishness behind his initial behavior?

We get a little teaser into Gauche’s background, and how he ended up a member of the bad boy (and bad girl) Black Bulls. Gauche’s entire existence is wrapped around protecting Marie, so I guess it’s a huge character defining moment when he goes back to help Asta take on Sally and her monster. I’m not convinced this tiger has changed his stripes, but he did come up with a nifty new spell that saved the day. Until a new evil villain appears on the scene to rescue Sally!

Okay, we are finally getting some more intel for the Eye of the Midnight Sun! In this volume, we learn about their leader, Licht. He is a creepy, creepy guy, and Asta’s anti-magic grimoire does not work on him! Like Yuno, Licht has a four-leaf clover grimoire, so he’s tough shit, and things are looking mighty gloomy for Asta.

And then Yami arrives to save his wayward charges. The fight was a blast, with lots of action, and the victory changing hands several times in the blink of an eye. Asta is challenged by Yami to be better than he is, to surpass his own skills, especially if he ever hopes to become the Wizard King. After getting smacked around, Asta begins to question his fervor to become the next Wizard King. He can barely hold his own against Licht, Yami is a demon with his magic and his katana, and maybe a guy with no magic really doesn’t have a hope of achieving his dreams.

What?! Asta’s moment of self-doubt lasts only an instant, and his upbeat attitude comes roaring back after he holds his own against all of the next enemies that keep popping up out of the woodwork. This volume probably has the best fight scenes, and the action is intense! Both sides receive reinforcements just in the nick of time, and it’s never a certainty when the tide of the battle will turn, or whose side will win. There are so many powerful opponents trying to get the upper hand, and when the dust settles, I think there is not clear cut victor. So on to Volume 7, where one of my most pressing questions may finally be answered – Is Asta still on vacation, and if so, will he receive hazard pay or have his medical expenses reimbursed.

Grade: 4 stars