The Cowboy Rides Away (Marvells of Montana Book 3)

The Cowboy Rides Away (Marvells of Montana Book 3) - Jeannie Watt 4 stars
Yes! Another Jeannie Watt book! She is one of my favorite Western romance authors, and I get a little tingle of anticipation whenever I see a new book. While I had a few problems with the hero of The Cowboy Rides Away, I found this an engaging read.

Meg Marvell is the middle child, and she has felt stifled her entire life. She has carefully moderated her behavior, so when cowboy Jason Mann shows an interest in her, she’s secretly delighted. They share a fiery courtship, until Jason abruptly dumps her and leaves town. When she sees him in the local watering hole, she tries to avoid him at first. But then, she is determined to confront him and find out why he left her.

I really liked Meg. She is struggling to overcome her passive nature, and instead of sitting back and waiting for things to happen, she grabs the bull by the horns. In this case, she takes a summer job at her cousins’ ranch, working side by side with Jason. She is going to get to the bottom of their break-up even if it kills her. In order to move on with her life, she needs closure on his desertion. She also needs to assure herself that she’s not the mousy woman who just sits on the sidelines watching everyone else enjoy life. She is going to break free!

Jason I wasn’t too enamored with. His family has issues, and instead of dealing with the drama, he walked out on them, vowing to never return home again. The only problem? They aren’t quite so willing to let him go. When they are short on money, they disrupt Jason’s life, forcing him to pack up and move on, hopefully to somewhere they won’t find him. I just wanted him to say enough is enough and tell them to shove it. Instead, he lets them ruin his relationship with Meg, and when his brother turns up in town, he’s willing to let him ruin it again. Argh!

I find Watt’s writing extremely readable, and I love her depiction of ranch life. I liked the secondary characters, and look forward to catching up with the Marvells in the future.