Baby Maker

Baby Maker - P. Dangelico After a trying week at work, I was looking for something light and funny to ease my stress levels. Baby Maker popped up on Netgalley, and though I originally thought it was NA (a romance category I try to avoid because I has such a hard time relating to the protagonists), I requested it anyway. The recently retired football player had me hooked, and after finishing Shot on Gold, I dove right into this story. I’m a sucker for athlete heroes.

I had mixed success with this one. I thought Dane was a complete jerk, from the first introduction to almost the final page. He is everything that I don’t find attractive in a guy; he’s immature, hung up on himself, and a commitment phobe. He has huge mommy issues because his mother constantly bounced in and out of his life when he was growing up, and because his father never got over her betrayals. I honestly didn’t think he could make Stella happy, and his jealous rages had me tearing my hair out. More frustrating was when Stella just shrugged, looked at Dane’s cut abs, and just let everything go. Ugh.

Stella is a self made success story. After watching her mother pine for her cheating father for years, she was determined to never give a man that much power over her. Growing up with hardly any money, she also decided that she or her mother would never want for anything again. Working her way through college, she was lucky to land a job on Wall Street, and even luckier to find a mentor who helped her climb her way to the top. Now she’s financially independent, and she’s fearful that her biological clock will run out before she has a baby. And while she wants a child, she doesn’t want a husband, so she determines that co-parenting is just the ticket. Now to find a suitable father.

I liked the beginning of the book the best. Stella is a list-maker. She needs a plan for everything. So she makes a list of qualities she wants in the father of her child and commences the search. Only she gets shot down at every attempt she makes to find an agreeable sperm carrier and co-parent. Her last, desperate chance is Dane, a friend of a friend. When she first meets him, he is every nightmare she’s ever had of the worst guy ever. And Dane is so full of himself, he can’t comprehend when Stella tells him no, it ain’t happening, he is the last man on earth she would choose for her baby’s father.

The romance was slow to build, which I liked, and I even found that kind of novel. The characters didn’t jump right into bed, and I appreciated Stella’s willpower to resist Dane’s physical charms. All he had to do was open his mouth and he was more likely than not to steel her reservations. There were a few too many inconvenient interruptions by the time the fireworks finally blazed, though, and I kept wondering how bad one couple’s timing could be.

Though I had a tough time warming up to Dane, this was a quick, fun read. It’s my first book by the author, but I doubt it will be my last.

Grade: 3 stars