The Bull Rider Meets His Match

The Bull Rider Meets His Match - Jeannie Watt 3.5 stars

I didn't enjoy The Bull Rider Meets His Match as much as other Watt's books. The twins were the best part of the story, as tough guy Grady stepped in to help his sister after a series of unfortunate events sets her back. Grady moves back home to the property he owns with Annie, and realizes that she's been busting her tail to make ends meet while he's been traveling the country riding bulls. He is resolved to spend his down time back in his home town, closer to his family.

Lex isn't too happy that Grady's back in town, especially when he shows up on her bff's doorstep while they are making plans for Danielle's wedding. Grady chose the rodeo over her friend, and Lex still hasn't forgiven him for hurting her. The two spar verbally at every encounter, and then Lex, determined to get the upper hand, kisses him. In front of all the gossipy cowboys in town. With her life now turned upside down, Lex struggles to trust her feelings and open herself to heartbreak. She's walled herself off emotionally since her father's death, and she's not sure she can survive another emotional set back.

While the twins provided humorous situations for Grady to learn to be a more trustworthy and dependable adult, I wanted to see the same from Lex. She thinks of Grady as an itch that needs to be scratched, and thinks that once he's out of her system, life can go back to normal. For Lex, normal is quiet days caring for her menagerie of animals and equally quiet evenings making jewelry to sell at the store she owns with Danielle. When she realizes that Grady is becoming more than a momentary diversion, she pushes him away without even giving him the chance to prove himself.

I did like how Grady matured. From a carefree guy concerned only with practicing and competing, once he sees how hard his sister is struggling to provide for his nieces, he becomes determined to do his share of the upkeep of the land they own together. From his first stumbling attempts to babysit the girls to his genuine affection for them, he goes from self-involved cowboy to patient caregiver. A romantic, he also falls head over heels for Lex, but convincing her that he's changed and needs a chance to prove himself is a tough sell.