Her Colorado Sheriff

Her Colorado Sheriff - Patricia Thayer 3.75 stars

After Shelby's sister is murdered by her ex, a cop, she flees Kentucky with her nephew, Ryan. She discovers that the job she was expecting to have is no more, and that the housing that came with the job is also gone. Instead, ends up in the house Cullen just inherited. Thankfully, he's a reasonable guy and offers to rent the cottage out back to Shelby. With his help, she also lands a job in town. But can she trust him? Cullen is the temporary sheriff in a small Colorado town, and Shelby is terrified that her sister's murderer will track her down.

This is a feel good romance. Everyone is nice and pleasant, and other than the crooked cop trying to track her down, the townspeople are welcoming of her and Ryan. Shelby is reluctant to clue Cullen in about her past because she's distrustful of the law, and she's afraid to get involved with the handsome sheriff in case she has to flee town suddenly.

Cullen is a bit gun shy, too. He was accused of being a crooked cop in Denver, and after fighting the charges for a year, was exonerated. His father, also a cop, didn't support him, so he left to take a temporary job as the sheriff of a small town while the original sheriff recovers from an illness. He, too, is reluctant to get involved with Shelby and Ryan, because he doesn't know what he's going to do after his temporary contract is up.

I enjoyed this book. The characters just want what's best for their families, the secondary characters are all likeable, and there is even a small herd of horses that Cullen gets stuck taking care of. At times the romance felt stagnant, but I liked the protagonists enough that that was only a minor quibble.