Fearless - Tawny Weber 3.5 stars

Second half of the book was much more engaging than the first. I found the character development and return to reality more interesting than all of the bunny sex in Vegas. Go figure.

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Fearless wasn’t my cup of tea, and it’s because I couldn’t relate to heroine Gia. She wants to have a sexual adventure, something to keep as a special memory, and oh, yeah, something to brag about with her friends. She has her sights set on co-worker Luke Monroe, and after learning that he’s going to be in Las Vegas for a convention, she gets a make-over, books a ticket, and flies out with one goal in mind; she’s going to seduce him. She doesn’t want him to know who she is for a couple of reasons, the most important being that she could get fired because dating a co-worker is against corporate policy.

The first half of the novella takes place in Gia’s hotel room after she’s enticed Luke to take the bait and follow her upstairs. I found it boring. There was zero character development to keep me reading, and I didn’t make a connection with either one of them. Then the weekend was over, and Gia had to give up the fantasy and head back to work. Suddenly, I was engaged in the plot. I guess it’s sad that I found her daily grind as a programmer more interesting than her sexy times with a virtual stranger in a hotel room in Vegas. Yeah.

It’s a nightmare come true when Gia is assigned to Luke’s development team for a new product. She has to keep things low key and she has to constantly avoid him for fear that he’ll figure out who she is. She has been working hard for a promotion, though, so she can’t turn the assignment down. If she gets through this, she will have that promotion, and that’s really everything that she’s worked for.

Luke is kicking himself for turning down a job offer with another company and taking a promotion instead. He’s under a lot of pressure to get this project completed in time, on budget, and on spec. He’s got one team member running laps around the rest, and he is impressed with Gia’ s performance and ability to think outside of the box. He’s puzzled why she is avoiding him and telecommuting, and as time goes by, he begins to suspect that maybe Gia is the hot fantasy woman who loved him and left in a Las Vegas hotel room.

I liked Luke better than Gia. He actually wanted to make a bit of a connection with Gia before hitting her hotel room, but she had no interest in small talk, so who could blame him for taking her up on her offer for hot, sweaty sex in her room? As he struggled to put two and two together, Gia managed to out-maneuver him, which only made him even more suspicious.

While it took a while to warm up to the story, I did enjoy the second half of Fearless. The beginning, though, left me unimpressed and without a connection to the story or the characters.

Grade: C-