I Own the Dawn - M.L. Buchman 3.5/ 4 stars

"The relationship between Archie and Kee develops slowly, and I enjoyed the tension that boiled between them. Kee keeps him at arms length, emotionally, afraid that a long-term commitment with him would never work. Their backgrounds are too different, she believes, and so she does everything she can to keep from getting her feelings destroyed. Physical pleasure is one thing, but she just can’t bring herself to trust him with her heart. Archie, on the other hand, is bewildered by the abrupt change in Kee’s attitude towards him, and after avoiding the situation, he finally lays everything on the line and tells her how he feels. I have to admit that I was getting frustrated with both of them, and while I expected Kee to be unable to communicate her feelings for Archie, I was so disappointed that it took him so long to finally confront Kee about the issue of their relationship. Any longer and I think I would have hurled the book against the nearest wall. Maybe I was giving Archie too much credit."

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