Some Cat! - Mary Casanova, Ard Hoyt 5 stars

I love Ard Hoyt’s art, and I am now a rabid fan. Some Cat! revisits George and Zippity from Some Dog!, introducing Violet, a homeless cat, to the family. I love the humans in both of these books. They are patient and loving to their pets, willing to watch from the sidelines as their new family member tries to find a place for herself. The problem is, Violet isn’t easy to get along with, and she doesn’t make things easy for herself. She, like most cats, believes that she is royalty, and instead of trying to make friends with George and Zippity, she attempts to take charge – of everything. She bullies her new animal companions, stealing their toys, food, and favorite sleeping spots. She hisses at them, and she swats at them with her velvet paws, claws extended. She is so NOT nice! When a pack of dogs attack her, though, it is George and Yippity to the rescue. Will Violet finally learn to play well with others?

This is a delightful story, with wonderful prose and charming illustrations that perfectly capture the mood and action of the book. Some Cat! is sure to enchant animal lovers both young and old.