Georgetown Academy: Book Three - Jessica Koosed Etting,  Alyssa Embree Schwartz Another fun installment of the GA series. Waiting on Book 4 now!

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Oh, my! The drama explodes in Georgetown Academy Book 3! This was a fun installment of the series, as most of the action takes place at a ski resort in Vermont. The major players all think that they are going to get a break from the rigors of DC, but guess again, guys! The microscope has followed you all to the slopes, and many of you are going to have the worst vacation ever!

It must be nice to attend a fancy private school in DC, because all of the kids from the various high schools converge at a ski resort for an annual pilgrimage to work on their networking skills, and sneak in lots of partying while the clueless, inattentive chaperons who are traveling with them dine at the restaurant. Ellie feels that life is finally getting back on track. She’s met the marvelous Weston Morris, and she is instantly smitten. He’s caring and brushes aside the recent photo scandal with Gabe with a shrug of his shoulders. Better yet, his mom and Ellie’s mother are political allies, and they are openly encouraging of their match. What Ellie doesn’t know is that Weston has a dark past, and he’s not the knight in shining armor that he pretends to be. Will her friends be able to convince her that he’s trouble? Nah, probably not, but the interpersonal conflicts between Brinley, Evan, and Ellie made this story thread a lot of fun.

I am even enjoying the triangle between Taryn, Gabe, and Brooks, and usually I have no patience for girls who can’t make up their minds. It’s always obvious that one of the guys is so wrong, and the other is so right, but they are always attracted to Mr. Wrong. While I’m not convinced which guy is which, it’s obvious that Gabe is still hung up over Ellie, and Taryn’s desire for a definitive, public acknowledgement from Gabe that the two of them are a Couple is causing her a lot of grief. In a somewhat lame attempt to get him jealous, she promptly takes the advice of her LA friend and begins to flirt outrageously with Brooks. I was starting to think there was something seriously wrong with Gabe, because he was so indifferent to her new, close friendship with Brooks. It was kind of sad how obviously indifferent he really is to Taryn.

I was disappointed at how easily and quickly Brinley got over her addiction to prescription medication. After a two week stint at a rehab center, she was deemed all better and ready to get back to school. She is warned to not allow herself to get into stressful situations, as the stress is her trigger, but since her parents are far, far too busy getting ahead in the political scene, neither bothered to pick her up or even read her discharge notes. Her mother is an uncaring, emotionally distant wench, and she immediately piles the pressures of being a Madison back onto Brinley’s shoulders. Sigh.

As Georgetown Academy Book 3 drew to a close, I was kind of bummed out. There are many unresolved story threads and now that I am invested in the series, I checked for a release date for Book 4. There’s no listing yet, so I’ll be biting my nails while I wait to see what’s up next for the G.A. crew.

Grade: B/B+