The Millionaire Tempted Fate - Shirley Jump 4 stars

Very cute friends to lovers story

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I will admit that the only reason that I took a chance on this novella is because it was an Amazon freebie last week. I even read it right away, because it has one of my favorite romance tropes – friends to lovers. I just can’t get enough of these stories! There is something about realizing that the love of your life was right there all along that captures my imagination.

Angie has been in love with her best friend Max forever. Ever since they were young children, he has held a special place in her heart. He just seemed to know how to make her feel special, and he never judged her. Max didn’t have a happy home life, and when his father kicked him out of the house, Angie’s mom took him in again and again. All the time they were together, though, except for two disastrous kisses, Max has kept things between them platonic. He values Angie’s friendship too much to muck it up by sleeping with her, and he’s clueless about her feelings for him. When he finally meets the woman of his dreams, well, the woman that fits the requirements of his matrimonial checklist, Angie is in a panic. Will she lose the love of her life because she was too much of a chicken to tell him how she felt?

Let me just say that Max has the perception of a mushroom. It’s more than obvious that Angie loves him with all her heart, but he just can’t see it. It’s also just as obvious that he loves her, and that if he goes through with his plans to propose to his girlfriend, he will be in for a lifetime of unhappiness. It’s Angie he calls when he’s having bad day or just because he has some trivial bit of information to share. It’s to Angie’s he retreats to when he’s down. And while he has thought about getting naked with her, he just isn’t willing to jeopardize the only steady relationship he’s ever had. He doesn’t want to repeat the mistake his parents made. They were best friends who married, and ended up bitterly unhappy with each other. Instead, he’s concocted a list of qualities the perfect wife should possess, and since his girlfriend meets every bulleted item, and he’s given himself a deadline to marry by the time he’s 30, he’s going to go for it. With a woman who is totally wrong for him.

Angie is the complete opposite of Max. She is a free-spirit, who goes in whatever direction her heart tells her. She doesn’t keep lists, and she doesn’t even have a steady job – she freelances because she has a hard time with schedules and being to the office on time. She sees that Max is making a huge mistake, and now that she’s about to lose him, she takes a gamble and tries to let him know how she feels, without coming right out and telling him. The harder Angie pushes him, the harder he pushes back, determined to save their friendship.

This is a sweet, fast read, well worth the .99 price tag. It’s a free rental if you have Amazon Prime.

Grade: B+