Stauts Update - REAL by Katy Evans

Real  - Katy Evans

Like Brooke, I am a tangle of emotions thinking about my reading experience.  The number of times clench, lick, bite, and grip were used drove me batty.  The relationship dynamics were fascinating, though, and I was very curious to see how Remy and Brooke worked through their many issues.  Remy is a character that I don't feel that I have read about before; he has huge obstacles to overcome, and there will never be a HEA without a few fiery crashes along the way for him.  Brooke made many poor decisions that fed into Remy's flaw (if you want to call it that), causing negative consequences for him.  The final fight between Remy and Scorpion was INTENSE, and completely changed how I felt about the book.  Just. WOW.  I'm curious to see what happens next, but I need a break for the narrative style.


3.5 stars