Vacation Update - Cursed by S J Harper

Cursed - S.J. Harper Never Desire a Duke - Lily Dalton

My vacation is underway!  After a rough day Friday (we didn't get to check in to our hotel until close to 2 am, and I was up at 4:30 that morning!), we are settled in and having fun at the Grand National Morgan Horse Show. 


I was able to finish Never Desire a Duke, which I enjoyed very much.  I liked the marriage in trouble trope, and it's also a coming of age story, if you will.  The protagonists both had a lot of growing up to do to make their own happiness, and I thought it was well written, too.


I started Cursed, and oh my!  This is a great book so far.  I love the protagonist, and the prose is immediate and snappy.  Hard to put this down