Toasty Warm Again! And Weekend Reading Plans

'Tis the Season to Kiss Santa (Entangled Indulgence) - Kate Hardy 'Tis the Season to be Kissed - Amy Andrews Santa to the Rescue - Adele Downs Secret Santa (novella) - Rhian Cahill One Sweet Christmas (novella) - Darlene Fredette A Sprite's Tale (novella) - Lexxie Couper Second Chance Christmas - Ellen Butler White Lie Christmas - Christine  Bell, Riley Murphy The Lair - Emily McKay

Last week was challenging, to say the least.  The past few weeks have kind of sucked.  There was the doctor appt from Hell, which I don't even want to dwell upon - though receiving the bill yesterday for a test the doctor didn't even have time to discuss the results grates on my nerves. 


The furnace has been replaced.  What a noisy endeavor that was!  All of that clanging and banging! The puppers were beside themselves with the strangers in the house and all of the commotion.  They collapsed in exhaustion right after the installers left and didn't get up again until the next morning. 


I love having heat again, but I was not happy with the servicemen.  They forgot to relight the pilot on the hot water tank.  That was an unpleasant discovery at 4:30 the next morning.  I would never survive any sort of apocalypse - the loss of coffee, hot water, and access to the internet would kill me.  Anyway, Dean finally got the stupid pilot to relight after fooling around with it for - oh - about an hour.  Grrrr.


I was able to read 3 novellas during the furnace install, and this weekend I'm going to start reading through some of the holiday stories I have received.  It's chilly outside, I have a functioning furnace, and yippy, I have a full can of coffee and Pumpkin Spice creamer so I'm all set for a weekend of Christmas themed stories.  I also have to finish up The Lair, which I am enjoying, but after the 50% mark, the pacing has become uneven.  Hoping for a strong finish.


What are you reading this weekend?