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Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

To Sail a Darkling Sea - John Ringo

some of the military jargon getting confusing and jars me right out of the story...

Reading progress update: I've read 21%.

To Sail a Darkling Sea - John Ringo

As with the prior book in the series, it took a bit to get engaged in the story - now it's hard to put down!

Reading progress update: I've read 248 out of 352 pages.

Fighting Love - Abby Niles

Oh dear.  I just do not like Tommy.  He is such a jerk and his reasons for finally seeing Julie as anything other than a friend are grounded in selfish jealousy.  Ugh. I don't believe this leopard can change his spots. :(

Reading progress update: I've read 62 out of 352 pages.

Fighting Love - Abby Niles

Tommy has NO IDEA what is about to take him down. Considering what a jerk he can be, I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for him. He deserves to be knocked down a peg or six!

Reading progress update: I've read 147 out of 352 pages.

Resist - Sarah Crossan

Since the weather outside is so frightful, I'm staying cozy inside and cuddling up with a good book - and two hyper puppers.  I can't remember much from Breathe, but Resist is turning out to be a diverting read.  If only it could shovel the drive for me!

Reading progress update: I've read 20%

All Our Yesterdays - Cristin Terrill

Why did I wait so long to start reading this one? It's terrific so far!

Reading progress update: I've read 67% of Thrown

Thrown - Colette Auclair

Argh!  I am not digging the current turn of events. :(

Reading progress update: I've read 39% of Thrown

Thrown - Colette Auclair

I am really enjoying this! The horsey bits are spot on, and Grady's girls are slowly turning into likeable little humans.  Grady can be a douche, but I'm confident that he'll come around, too.  The romance is progressing slowly, maybe a little too slowly for some readers, but everything is working for me so far. 


Another update soon!

Reading progress update: I've read 6%

Thrown - Colette Auclair

This is really cute.  Amanda's new students are little demons in disguise!

Finished! Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky) - Veronica Rossi

Another great read by Veronica Rossi. I've been holding off on reading Through the Ever Night, but when it was on sale at Amazon for 1.99, I bought it for the trip home from WDW.  I read better than half of it on the plane, but had to wait until today to finish.  I love the protagonists, and thought this was every bit as good at Under the Never Sky.  I have an ARC of Into the Still Blue I am saving to ring in the New Year with.  Can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Weekend Reading Update

If You Dare - Jessica Lemmon Bleach: v. 4 - Tite Kubo Hitched - Ruthie Knox A Cadence Creek Christmas - Donna Alward

Run for the Roses


I had one of the best reading weekends that I've had in a while.  We didn't have any plans, so after running a few errands, we settled in for a relaxing two days at home.


I read a couple books -


If You Dare - This was fun, fun read - B+


Bleach 4 - I love this manga series so much - A


Roman Holiday Episode 2 - The contrast between the protagonists is even more

pronounced in this segment, and I wonder how on earth they are ever going to hook up - B+


A Cadence Creek Christmas - Perfect pre-holiday read - B


I also started Run for the Roses (Swoon Romance - not listed on Amazon yet).  I wanted to read this SOOOOO badly.  The teen protagonist shows Arabians, and while they're aren't Morgans, she does show saddleseat.  Do you know how many books there are featuring saddleseat riding instead of hunter/jumper/dressage? Not many!  I just started this, so I'll update as I get a little further into the story. 

Status Update - If You Dare

If You Dare - Jessica Lemmon

If You Dare is one of the launch titles for Entangled Publishing's new Flaunt line.  They are pitching it as their sexy novella line. If you like Harlequin's Cosmo Red Hot Reds, you will like these as well.  The Flaunt line will be available 11/25.


I started with If You Dare because I haven't read Jessica Lemmon previously, and she seems to have a lot of books hitting store shelves.  I'm almost done with this novella, and so far I am loving it.  It's fun and sexy,  just like Entangled promised.  Review soon!



Toasty Warm Again! And Weekend Reading Plans

'Tis the Season to Kiss Santa (Entangled Indulgence) - Kate Hardy 'Tis the Season to be Kissed - Amy Andrews Santa to the Rescue - Adele Downs Secret Santa (novella) - Rhian Cahill One Sweet Christmas (novella) - Darlene Fredette A Sprite's Tale (novella) - Lexxie Couper Second Chance Christmas - Ellen Butler White Lie Christmas - Christine  Bell, Riley Murphy The Lair - Emily McKay

Last week was challenging, to say the least.  The past few weeks have kind of sucked.  There was the doctor appt from Hell, which I don't even want to dwell upon - though receiving the bill yesterday for a test the doctor didn't even have time to discuss the results grates on my nerves. 


The furnace has been replaced.  What a noisy endeavor that was!  All of that clanging and banging! The puppers were beside themselves with the strangers in the house and all of the commotion.  They collapsed in exhaustion right after the installers left and didn't get up again until the next morning. 


I love having heat again, but I was not happy with the servicemen.  They forgot to relight the pilot on the hot water tank.  That was an unpleasant discovery at 4:30 the next morning.  I would never survive any sort of apocalypse - the loss of coffee, hot water, and access to the internet would kill me.  Anyway, Dean finally got the stupid pilot to relight after fooling around with it for - oh - about an hour.  Grrrr.


I was able to read 3 novellas during the furnace install, and this weekend I'm going to start reading through some of the holiday stories I have received.  It's chilly outside, I have a functioning furnace, and yippy, I have a full can of coffee and Pumpkin Spice creamer so I'm all set for a weekend of Christmas themed stories.  I also have to finish up The Lair, which I am enjoying, but after the 50% mark, the pacing has become uneven.  Hoping for a strong finish.


What are you reading this weekend?

Status Update - Waking Up Dead

Waking Up Dead - Emma Shortt

ZOMG!  I can't put this one down.  It is so good - scary, lots of action, and I love the world after the zombies.  I have come to the conclusion that I am toast should there ever be a zombie apocalypse.  Complete and utter toast.


Vacation Reading Update

Waking Up Dead - Emma Shortt Sidelined (Entangled Teen) - Kendra C. Highley Never Desire a Duke - Lily Dalton One Thousand and One Nights - Ruth Browne Cursed - S.J. Harper Love and Other Games (A Very Sexy Short Story Collection) - Ana Blaze, Aria Kane, Melinda Dozier, Kara Leigh Miller The Inheritance - Olivia Mayfield

Ugh! I'm back to reality after a fun week off.  Still trying to catch up at work; I underestimated how needy everyone would be in my absence.  Here's a quick update on my reading from last week.


I finished -


Sidelined - This rocked.  Great book; hard to put down.


The Inheritance Book 1 - I liked this, but the price point to keep reading is painful.  I will wait and see if it is released in one volume when it's complete.


Love and Other Games - Nice mix of stories that take place during the Olympics.  Some worked better than others for me.


One Thousand and One Nights  - This needed to be longer.  The short length hurt it.


Cursed - Loved this one!


Never Desire a Duke - This was a great book, too.


I started Waking Up Dead on Monday.  This is a zombie story, and I am enjoying it so far.


What are you reading?

Finished! Cursed by SJ Harper

Cursed - S.J. Harper

Wow! I have actually finished two books so far this vacation!  Cursed rocked - everything about it just clicked with me.  It's got a tragic and compelling heroine, a sexy werewolf hero, and vampires, witches, and other supernatural beings to make things interesting.  I have mixed results with urban fantasy, but this is a winner for me.  Looking forward to seeing what happens next.  And, oh, yeah, NO CLIFFHANGER ending!  You get extra brownie points for that!

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